Employement forum?

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by sputdr, Nov 16, 2005.

  1. Has this ever been considered for employers?
  2. For employers to post or guests to recruit?
  3. ET Traders don't have much skill, may be they get
    hired if some firms need them as chit chaters only

    Employment forum, not a good idea because it will
    cause more chit chat only :D
  4. For employers with jobs and recruiters looking for candidates.

    It only makes sense to me.
  5. The only way ET members will know there's employers or recruiters looking for new employees (candidates) is if the employers advertised such...

    This would then send a light bulb to Baron to make these guys become paid sponsors because why should they be allowed to advertise their firm to attract employees without paying a fee like all the other ET sponsors of different categories in trading ???

    Then again...with all the different types of ET sponsors...

    I'm sure the so called potential employers are already ET sponsors.

    Thus, may make sense for Baron to setup some sort'uv job offer forum like the Annoucement Forum where only the paid sponsors can post info...

    Anything else like allowing ET members (non-sponsors) to post in the same Employer forum is a guarantee for Chit Chat material after a few pages.

    Simply, its a good idea if treated like the Announcement Forum and those sponsors looking for a new position to be filled can simply state all the info about it along with contact info for any interested ET member.

    I heard Refco is hiring :cool:

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  6. Potential employers have nearly 30k to 50k employees,
    and non will care to be here

  7. this would do wonders for the foot traffic on elite i suspect.