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Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by indahook, Sep 16, 2003.

  1. Some of you guys may recall me starting a thread on taking an agency desk job. So the reason why I started this one is I need some guidance here. The position is going OK, but I feel like I am being short changed in the salary Dept. There is alot of grief and hassle to put up with, which is fine. Any job will have some of this. But I am feeling grossly underpaid.
    What I really need is some idea of what other agency desk traders are making. If anybody with management, executive or agency desk experience can give me some guidance or direction I would be highly appreciative. Feel fee to PM me if you don`t want to post.

  2. You obviously need the money or you would be trading full-time... use the job to raise your grubstake, and then resign...
  3. Candle your 100% right, and that is my ultimate plan. But I need some fire power here to go to my boss and ask for a bigger salary. i.e back to full time trading faster.
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    I'm sure you know how many people are looking for work these days (especially in this line of work), so your bargaining power is smaller that it could/should be. If you're getting any benefits, and a paycheck, pat yourself on the back. One route to consider may be to ask about a bonus/raise based on performance, explaining to your boss that there is no obligation if you don't perform, but that you are rewarded better for making the firm cash.

  5. I know it...the last thing I need is to get fired for asking for more dough.
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    ahhh...thinking like a trader :)
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    OK you are joking right ? You just took a new gig, researched it etc and are on the job for a second and you want to go to the boss for more money ?

    If you pulled this with me you would be out the door. If you took a bad deal then shame on you. If its truly a bad gig then look around for another job and resign when you get it: otherwise stick it out until you have been around long enough to properly ask for more money or a better position based on performance.

  8. I am certainly not going to him soon. Even I don`t have the balls for that. I am just looking at the next level already(9-12 months out)...thats what I do. As soon as I get to my target I am scoping out the next one. It definitely not a bad gig just a demanding one for the pay. All in all the positives outweigh the negatives.