Employed Black Middle-Class Mechanic Kills Three WHITES in Robberies

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  2. Where exactly in this article does it mention that the victims were white?

    If the cops weren't concerned enough to mention the race difference between victim and perpetrator, why should you be?
  3. You have any evidence at all that the crimes were racially motivated?
  4. I can't remember where I read it but it was some sort'uv statistics that shows racially motivated murders usually don't involve robbery nor credit card theft.

    Simply, victims were selected because of their skin color and not because the killers needed money.

    Thus, if it was racially motivated...most likely those killers aren't going to steal their victims credit cards and go on a shopping spree.

    I also remember a recent racially motivated murder where a white woman that was fired from her postal job went back to the job many months later and kill only minorities (blacks, Chinese-American, Hispanic and Filipino).


    She just shot them down and didn't shoot her former white co-workers.

    Further, those she murdered...she didn't steal their credit cards nor robbed them.

    Also, usually when something gets labeled as racially motivated...there's a history (racism) with the killer.

    I once saw a white police officer shoot dead (he used a shotgun) a black man that was waving a knife standing about 50 feet away from the cops that had the guy surrounded...there was about 15 police officers.

    The cop had a history of problems with blacks including calling a black neighbor (only black in his neighborhood) the n word as witnessed by other white neighbors.

    Media didn't report that as racially motivated.

    A few years later, the same cop was involved in another incident where he use one of those rubber bullet guns to subdue a white guy with a gun. :confused:

    I've also watch a black cop beat the hell out of this white street kid and the cop was using words like white boy with every punch and kick.

    Media didn't report that as racially motivated...probably too boring to take up the front page news.

    Racism everywhere or I was just in the wrong place at the wrong time in my younger years.

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    The victims were all white. No, it wasn't mentioned in the article. That's the point. If a white gunned down three blacks on successive Friday's rest assured it would be mentioned.

    How do you know what the police mentioned? Do you think the article contains every utterance by the police?

    After the Hallandale murder (a booming hi-rise community just north of Miami Beach) the news didn't even identify the shooter by race, even though he was identified by witnesses. Instead it was the typical PC mumbo-jumbo "a dark complected 25-35yo male" or "a male in his early thirties with a short afro". It's a NO-NO for the media to mention race, even when giving a description.
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    No evidence at all. I do find it odd though that one of the victims was in an all black neighborhood (he was on a weekly foray to give out money to street people) and another victim was in a racially mixed suburb. Most crimes are intra-racial. For this guy to only kill whites makes me wonder.
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    I agree that "money crimes" are not usually motivated by race. Few crimes are motivated by race. However these weren't just armed robberies. They were brutal murders including those of two men in their sixties. VERY few robberies end as murder. Why did he kill these men?
  8. If in the course of robberies, if a white person killed the victims...all black, yes, then it would probably would be mentioned as a possible hate crime beyond just the surface facts.


    What is the likelihood that a white man is going to go to an area that is mostly black, and then target blacks for robberies, apart from a racial motive?

    Do we normally see that whites rob blacks, thinking that the blacks have something worth stealing at gunpoint?

    Is it not generally accepted that whites will not resist a robbery or put up a fight the way that blacks might?

    You have to face facts. You have posted sufficient racists comments in the Chit Chat forum as to render your POV as less than objective when evaluating whether or not race is an issue or factor in robberies.

  9. Eye witness.

  10. Initially reported by the press
    <img src="http://www.racismeantiblanc.bizland.com/images/usacr/pict2005_04_11.gif">

    "According to New York Daily News, 30 (mostly female) African-American teenagers from Marine Park High School chased five Caucasian girls off of a basketball court and through a park. The African-American girls reportedly punched, pulled hair and kicked the girls while screaming such phrases as "honky bitches" and "white crackers".

    "After this happened, it took a bunch of the moms two full weeks to even get an audience with Deputy Inspector Kevin McGinn at the 63rd Precinct. But no matter what [they] told him, no matter how much eyewitness evidence [was] presented, he said he would not elevate these charges to racial hate crime status."

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