empirical evidence that homophobia can result from the suppression of same-sex desire

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  1. Why have some of the nation's most vehement anti-gay activists—Ted Haggard, Larry Craig—had gay sex scandals of their own? An op-ed in the New York Times' Sunday Review section tries to explain. The authors of the piece, two research psychologists, say they have "empirical evidence that homophobia can result, at least in part, from the suppression of same-sex desire." Their argument—summed up in the Times headline as "Homophobic? Maybe You're Gay"—promises to resolve a long-running debate in the field. For at least 15 years, scientists have been trying to use objective laboratory measures to prove the he-who-smelt-it-dealt-it theory of human sexuality. Has a research team based at the University of Rochester finally done it?

  2. What are some of the benefits to society by mainstreaming gay sex?

    I read about plenty of young adults very very confused to the point of suicide about this issue since the issue has become mainstream.

    How is this improving society?
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    You mean respecting human dignity and the equality of all its members? That's all that you would be "mainstreaming."
  4. say they have "empirical evidence that homophobia can result, at least in part, from the suppression of same-sex desire."


    Supression.....people supress plenty of things.. The desire to cheat, steal , lie. Ya'll got some kind of phobia, n'est ce pas?

    "The lady doth protest too much, methinks."

    Yea so? some minute portion of the population reads shakespseare.
  5. Respect human dignity by qualifying it only as sex? There are plenty more human qualities that we need to only dignify a person by the type of sex.

    Oh I get it, first we qualify a person by gay sex, then list contributions of the gay communtiy. Why sex first?
  6. Joe is a hetero and invented baseball.

    Never heard qualifying achievments in that way. But in the gay community we have to be gay sex first then a good person.

    Why the label? We don't label hetero's.
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    It's the gay bashers who make it about sex. At its root, it is about equality. People like you are denying gays human dignity and equality solely on the basis of sex. So start there.
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    All it's members are not equal.
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    Sucking dick and taking it up the ass IS sex.

    Unless you believe Bill Clinton that it depends on what the word "is", is.
  10. I'll take a rough guess and say roughly 20% of the girls in hs say they are les or bi, depending on the hormone level of the week. They make a mockery of "gays" with their changing status each week.
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