Empire of Debt

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  1. jsv416


    I am curious if anyone had read "Empire of Debt". I have not read it and wondering if it is worth a read.... Is it all just doom and gloom or does it have some reasonable ideas....
  2. Chagi


    I posted a short review of the book on another forum. Worth reading, but focused too much on American politics for my own personal taste.
  3. gnome


    History is rife with other Empires of Debt. They always end in the toilet... Amerika will too.... 30-50 years, max.
  4. rjmgroup


    Empire of Debt was a very good book. Also, its cousin, Demise of the Dollar, was complementary.

    You might be able to get either or both books at the library.
  5. I thought it was one of those rare books that completely changed my view of a subject.

    Or another way of looking at it: it is one of those rare books that integrated my previous experience into a complete understanding.

    For example, the description of the circumstances and results of World War I was brilliant.

    Highly recommended.
  6. In fairness, that's going to be a lifetime for many people.
  7. gnome


    Yeah? What if it's sooner? What about your kids or grandkids?

    It's wrong, wrong, WRONG for the present generation to consume the hell out of everything and leave our mess for later generations to be screwed.
  8. Everyday I pray that Bush will be removed from office before he further destroys this country..and that we will soon be able to have a GOOD president.
  9. gnome


    Don't hold your breath. The next bum will be just as lousy as the current/last bum.
  10. Although I'm only 20, if Jeb somehow manages to get into office, I'm moving out of this country. We just need a president who has good morals and isn't looking to exploit the world. America needs its reputation to be that of a country that actually DOES help others.
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