Empire Nevada completey wiped out by Recession

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    Another story showing that the recession is still here and hasnt gone away and wont go away anytime soon. One Factory kept this town going for over 80 years until housing collapsed and sheetrock sales fell over 50% in the last 5 years!

    Empire, Nevada Completely Wiped Out By Recession

    The Huffington Post Dean Praetorius First Posted: 06/21/11 06:51 PM ET Updated: 06/22/11 10:01 AM ET

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    Empire Nevada Recession
    Empire, Nevada no longer exists.

    Located about 100 miles North of Reno, the mining town has apparently been wiped off the the face of the map, according to the Daily Mail. It seems that when the town's sole remaining factory, the U.S. Gypsum Sheetrock plant, closed on January 31, the town's fate was sealed.

    Empire was founded in 1923, according to MSN Real Estate. Now, even the town's ZIP code (89405) won't exist.

    From the Daily Mail:

    January 31 was the last workday for 95 of the 99 USG employees at the mine and plant. They turned gypsum into sheetrock, a trademarked name and the most common wallboard used in the construction industry.

    Four workers remain, but this will be whittled down to two by the end of the month.

    According to MSN, U.S. Gypsum has owned the town since 1948, renting apartments for $125, and two-bedroom houses for $250. But when the recession forced the company to shut the plant, the town was unable to survive.

    Empire was one of the last company towns left in America.
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    After the plant closed, families were allowed to stay in their homes free of charge for 5 months, in order to finish out the school year, according to the Daily Mail. With the loss of Empire, the nearby Gerlach-Empire school will be reduced to just 12 students, from 73.
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    wow thats pretty sad...but amazing rent!