Emotion, Neuroscience And Investing

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    Introduction from Mauldlin:

    Once again we look at one of my favorite analysts and behavioral finance thinker, James Montier of Dresdner Kleinwort Wasserstein in London. James wrote a fascinating book two years ago called "Behavioural Finance: A User's Guide" and puts out ongoing research like the one we will enjoy today. Long time readers will recognize the name because I have discussed many of his ideas in my weekly letter "Thoughts From the Frontline," my book "Bull's Eye Investing" and in "Outside the Box." While the article is a little long, I think the insight you get will be able to help bring you to a new level of control over your investing and emotions (or at least your understanding).

    This report by James explores how are hard-wired brain affects investing. Emotional decision-making, dopamine, herding and self-control all play a part when are brains are trying to make decisions and James will help you think "Outside the Box." (Footnotes are at the end of the article.)