emotion control and stress relief?

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  1. This is a serious question, please help me.
    I started to date a few months ago and had a few up and downs in my relation.
    Thus it took away efficiency from my work and trading. I kept thinking of her day and night, even during my work and trading.
    It's bad.
    Any thoughts on how to train my brain to forget about emotions during serious work and trading?
    Please don't ask me to break up with her because she's a nice girl.
    I am just too sensitive to these things and need to train myself to be emotionless.
    Serious reply please! Thank you!
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  3. The doctor ordered:

    1 Red Bull every hour
    500 mg Viagra every 8 hours.

    This will do.
  4. Looks nice. Really works? Anybody tried it?
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    Yes. It works... there are a bunch of pros on the golf tour that use it to get calibrated between holes.. and pro golf is psychologically very demanding.
  6. Emotion control comes through experience and maturity.
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    The emwave works well. I've had one for more than a year, and use it from time to time.
  8. Could you please elaborate on your experience?