Emotion bars, no interest bars, compression bars

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  1. Pedrod2


    Hi community!

    I was listening to a pro investor talking about "emotion bars", "no interest bars" and "compression bars" and how that's how usually a low ends in a market.

    Anyone knows where I could learn more about these? Any books/courses to recommend?
  2. gaussian


    Seems like a clever renaming of the various shapes of candlesticks as a market evolves.

    Never heard of this terminology before.
  3. maxinger


    decades ago, to learn new things, or to get information,
    we had to travel miles to the bookshop or library and get it.
    The information you got from those books are mostly useful information.

    Nowadays, with internet, we simply just sit in front of the computer and click here and there,
    and you will get tons of information.

    Unfortunately you will also get tons of
    useless, worthless, confusing, conflicting, garbage information.
    So be prudent.
  4. Sprout


    Haven’t heard those terms before. If I were to guess emotion bars would have large range and large volume. One could tell what these are in observation in that they would trigger an emotional reaction within oneself. No interest bars would be small range low volume. Compression bars would be small range and large volume.

    The bars by themselves would change any interpretation derived based on context.

    Context involves expanding focus to a wider view or scope.

    Good luck with your research.
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  5. rb7


    Seems like marketing words. Trying to add new terms for old stuff. Similar to toothpaste marketing campaign (always better than before).
  6. Handle123


    Just new names to bars or areas of charts, get Edwards and McGee book on charting.

    emotion = exhaustion
    no interest = usually smaller bars going sideways, lack of volume
    compression bars = better read by Bollinger Bands are these squeeze together, waiting for fast move to a faster trend. No such thing of low end of market, they can happen anywhere.
  7. Pedrod2


    Thanks everyone, that's already very helpful.

    @Sprout , you're very close.
    The only one he has defined so far, that's the "emotion bar":
    Emotion bar, a wide range bar, (compared to the bars preceding it), with high volume and a close around halfway back into the range of the day. Emotion bars represent the times when a down move is most likely to pause and rally or pause and trade sideways.

    Most lows, after a move down end in either an emotion bar, a no interest bar, or a compression bar. Which bar is more likely to happen depends on the location of the price from the original high of the downtrend.

    @gaussian @rb7 @Handle123 You guys are right, it's probably just a clever renaming of something else. Based on the definition above, if you can find the "original" terms that are more commonly used to describe these bars, I'm interested!
  8. padutrader


    just pick up a 50 years old book

    nothing has changed in the market.
  9. padutrader


    what in a name....a emotion bar would smell the same as a wide range bar...apologies to William [Shakespeare]
  10. padutrader


    nothing clever about it,

    it is robbery and misleading someone....these guys do it all the time

    naming something after themselves
    you have ROSS' HOOK .....and many others
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