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  1. Their savings account is yielding 4%... it is fdic insured and paid monthly.. can someone please explain why anyone would want to be long the stock market for the long term?
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    Recent Treasury Bill Auction Results

    91-DAY 09-29-2005 - 12-29-2005 3.518%

    182-DAY 09-29-2005 - 03-30-2006 3.870%
  3. i have a big account with emmigrant and they're awesome. emifrant has 40 branches in the nyc area so anyone from nyc see's them all the time. they're similiar to the ing orange account in that there's no checkbook you jsut ach funds anytime you want to your checking accou8nt you set up. they were at 3.5% before the last fed hike and immediately jumped it to 4%. at 3.5% there were a few banks at 3.75% so they made up the 1/4% deficiet fast
  4. Its www.emigrantdirect.com but I find it humorous that they registered "alternate" spellings to cover those who can't spell.
  5. Because, historically, you make much greater than 4% long term by being long the stock market.
  6. i agree.. but not this time in history..
  7. I'm long $200,000 Emigrant. Should I ask Cramer what to do?
  8. Yeah this has a lot to do with the trading forum.. :p
  9. I'm long on emigrantdirect as well, But I'm thinking that if I was cramer I would go with the market leader which would be ING direct ...

    LAter today I'll be SELL SELL SELL!

    Back away from the dump truck!
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    beneficial in PA -4% 13 month CD, 2.5% on checking account. one branch very close to my house. better than most of internet banks. not to mention big boys.
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