Emma is going to be back

Discussion in 'Politics' started by u130747, Dec 6, 2002.

  1. u130747


    Emma is going to be back next week.

    Boy I can't wait.

    Love her accent!!!!!

    Bert:D :D :D
  2. who cares. i have better things to do than fawn over some t.v. chick like a love sick horny 16 year old. i'll let that for you.
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    Emma ROCKS.

    My wife is South African, and I am trying to decide which accent I like better...shhhhh, hope she doesn't read this Forum...

  5. I bet ya Emma's got rotten teeth... my stick is going nowhere near that mouth, I tell ya...
  6. u130747


    Here she is!!!

  7. Hmmmm, maybe all of her teeth have rotted and already fallen out.

    If that were the case then:

    "mmmmm..... Emma's mouth ......mmmmm". :p
  8. Brother Huge Erection,

    Sounds yummy...

  9. Come on candle, quite being so kinky and start talking about trading again.:(
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