EMKR is the new SPIRE!

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  1. That opening line will make sense to only 4% of you.

    If you like semi activity in the solar space

    You might like this play EMKR I bought 1,100 this am on some contract news. This was enough for me since I had technically already highlighted this name for further review this week. usually I would wait for a
    " Third Trigger " which is part of my system but $11 being a significant double top and high & if it knifes through that while I'm doing my DD I'll have solar wafer on my face. @ $10.40

    I'll be back with more on this name shortly. Hydro, do you like it? Your friend ~ stoney
  2. Oh My it popped as I typed to you all now YOU MUST BUY ON RETEST OF $11 which is NOW SUPPORT...

    Calling all stonedinvestors the EMKR train has loaded quickly and is leaving the station early! Alllllllll

    14% of this stock is short. Owch!

    Target $12.70~ stoney
  3. It's one of those " terms not disclosed " deals but it's with a WHOLE COUNTRY!

    ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (AP) -- Emcore Corp. said Wednesday it agreed to supply solar-power systems with a combined 60 megawatts of annual generating capacity for a Pod Generating Group project in Ontario, Canada.
    Emcore, which makes semiconductor parts for solar power use, did not disclose terms of the deal.

    Emcore expects to start installing the systems in the Sault Ste. Marie area in mid-2008 and will continue to install them over the next three years. The company is in discussions to set up a manufacturing plant in the area to supply local demand.

    Pod Generating Group, a developer of solar-power generation facilities, said earlier in the week that its plans for six 10-megawatt facilities will power up to 21,000 homes. It has received licenses and permits through the Ontario Power Authority's renewable-energy program.

    Shares of Emcore jumped 86 cents, or 9.1 percent, to $10.28 in morning trading.
  4. Here is some message board chatter>

    Summarizing the details from the 3 articles:

    1) New manufacturing plant in Michigan, according to VP
    2) Supply 20-60MW worth of CPV panels for solar farm in CA


    3) Memo of understanding (MOU) FOR 150mw supply agreement for projecy spanning Spain, Italy and Greece
    4) 2nd MOU for 200MW for California project (less certain due to tax credit)
    5) Several more small and internediate-sized deals totaling at least 38MW should be placed in the near future
    6) Production of 40% efficient panels to start in Jan '08
    7) Existing order from Green and Gold grew from $24 million to $39 milliondue to inclusion of contration receiver modules on top of order
    8) An ongoing $100 million - 5 year deal with rival Isofoton to supply at the chip level
    9) Boosted annual production from 75MW/yr in July '07 to 150MW/yr
    10) Furthur expansion in '08, but havent released any details
  5. Folks I'm about to double dip on this one I've contacted the hedge fund about a supersize order of fries they are in meeting so you can have this gift now... this stock is stirring sitting on support you all know what that means... how can a man stare at a $11 stock and tell you all it will go to $12 today with a straight face? How does he do it... Could it be the herb?- " Lady "stoney
  6. We have played this game before you and I.

    You are calling me out and I'm putting up the bucks but I just want to let you know the humiliation I have to go through to get an order through to my account. Including an E mail " You do know it's up 20%?" DON'T TELL MR THAT!!!! All I know is I bought it up 98 cents that sounded better.

    Yes I put it into my wife's IRA and now I'm in HEAVY. This can end very ugly for yours truly and that is why for the remaining of the day I shall now be wearing my lucky Jade pendent.

    ~ stoney
  7. It's 2:00 Have You Bought Your EMKR today?

    I just got a hunch-- look at that volume today-- that this is for real (I hope)> Deep pullback for the market does not appear to have dented the uptrend. Seems to be stirring now. Will EXPLODE any second...
  8. Well the market is 300 points lower and we are still up! Can you imagine where we would be if the day hadn't crapped out? Depressing. Lost in all the shuffle is some great news for solar stocks-

    Senate offers modified $21.8 bln energy tax package -still envisions extending through the end of 2016 a 30% tax credit for investments in solar-energy equipment, and extending until the end of 2014 a tax credit for residential investments in solar equipment...

    If only that story had broken yesterday!
  9. Look At me ma! i can fly i can fly!

    EMKR Buy / Sell 11.59 2.17 23.04% $1,463.51 PROFIT TODAY on 1,100shares $10.25 purchase Price.... Here I go Ma!
  10. WOW look at her gallup! Go Girl Go Faster faster cha Cha Cha cha GO!!! This is for all the folks on ET who believed in solar when we had to we are going into the great Canadian state big place i weant more press releases! Do i hold? Should I get greedy. Will you all laugh and point fingers when I do one of my famous round trips!

    Or is this a one way ticket baby to the moon is EMKR the NEXT HOt SOLAR STOCK!!!

    big short position baby! C ha Cha got the pendent onfeeling warm.... ~ stoney
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