Emission futures, anyone??

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  1. Is anyone trading these things on Globex? With all the talk at Copenhagen and "cap 'n' trade", is anyone aware if these contracts are moving at all? Can individual traders partake or is this something for the elites? The margins seem reasonable for the carbon emission reduction futures, but is the liquidity nil?

    PDF on Contract Emission Reduction futures

    Margins on "Environmental Products"
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    I've only seen liquidity on ICE Futures Europe, not any of the CME products.

    My current broker doesn't clear ICE Europe however, so I'm not trading it yet...
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  5. A lot of these deals get done direct, hence why the electronic trading of them is kinda ambiguous. The volumes are not exactly big.

    I've been watching these for a little while, not much has been going on.
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    The spot market on BlueNext in France is considerably more liquid than the ICE Europe market. And though the CER/EUA spread is highly correlated, the presence of an exchange traded version of the spread and the fact that there is a more liquid spot market available makes trading in these futures highly suspect imo.

    (For this same reason why I wouldn't traded CME currency futures - risk outweighs reward)
  7. trade them on nymex and on ccfe... sox credits.

    credits in the 2010-2020 region really got hit hard after the climate summit complted withoun any firm targets (20-40% fall on the day).