Eminys Real time fees?

Discussion in 'Financial Futures' started by Funster, Jun 10, 2003.

  1. Funster


    Who does one pay exchange fees to for the oil and gas eminis traded on globex and cleared at nymex to receive real time quotes?

    They are not real time with my standard cme $15 emini feed.

    Surely they don't expect small speculators to pay the $60 a month nymex fee when the cbot are doing all their mini contracts for free?
  2. jessie


    Welcome to the New York markets. There is a reason why no one trades them unless they absolutely have to. If you think the e's are bad, wait until you try the pits!
  3. Funster



    Yes I have plenty of experience of dealing with the NY markets.

    Waiting 3 hours for my fill to come back etc !

    9/11 taught me a harsh lesson though: electronic trading or nothing from now on.

    Which is a shame because oil is one of the best trending and liquid markets IMHO.

    If that oil mini gets liquid I might just have to get a RT NY feed. Sucks at that price though !