EmiNY energy switch to Clearport

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  1. Does anyone know of any brokers that have confirmed they will be setup for direct access to Clearport for the switchover later this month? I'm sure any member has "access" to Clearport but I'm only interested in those that have their back end automated.

    Impeccable timing for a EmiNY clusterf* with crude spiking to ATH's by the way.
  2. virgin


    How is this switch over gonna affect us
    traders ?
  3. Steve_IB

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    IB, (and we also give you access to the Brent Crude Oil on the IPE)
  4. has this affected the liquidity? any potential problem with the new platform?
  5. Small error in my post, the switchover I believe takes place next month, not this one; don't want to scare anyone. The exact date is somewhere on the NYMEX website.
  6. Steve_IB

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    Not sure about Clearport, I haven't been involved with the set-up, although I haven't heard of any issues. The QM August is the last contract to be listed on the Globex platform - this expires 13:30 CT on July 19th.

    Fortunately the IPE contract is around, just in case.
  7. I've been trading QM on IB/Clearport since Sunday night. There were some glitches with the quotes in the first hour or so, but has been working well since then.

    I haven't noticed any difference from the Globex trading.
  8. That's because QMQ it still is on Globex; the switchover takes place the afternoon of July 19th as per NYMEX

  9. Ah, I see, postponed. The switchover did seem a little too easy...
  10. The liquidity of oil is still the same. Thicker than water, but not as much as molasses. :)
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