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  1. http://eminitv.tv/?p=home

    I couldn't resist this one because the home page opening line pays homage to ET :p

    "Become an Elite Trader, Daytrading the Emini Futures contract, for December 2008 using our Trading Course."

    My snakeoil meter almost broke its needle on this.

    The room is $325/month and the software sells for $5000. It's ala carte.

    Let's hear from those who are clients (no first time posters, please.)
  2. Who's gonna publicly admit to being a sucker? :p :D
  3. Like they say in the NY Lottery ads, "hey ya neva know."
  4. I wish I had enough $$ to be in the Zoom room. It sounds really grooovy man.
  5. its free now, with limited sign up info needed. looks like alex has a competitor.

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    Well, I'll post as I came here for an opinion before I signed up and found fluff, so here's something a little more substantial for the next guy who wondering about the glowing report card of eminiTV. I sim traded the signals from Tues to Tues and ended in the hole to the tune of $(-2195.50 ), not one winning day. Even though you show enough interest in his product to spend $325 he will not send you all the info on how his indicators work but wants you to sign up over a 3 month period with more info feed out along the way. Also a 3 minute chart is critical to view in order to evaluate an indicator on that chart to judge whether to take a buy/sell signal generated on a smaller time frame. Trouble is he refuses to display the 3 minute chart to anyone regardless of how long you signed up for stating you need to buy the software to view. The software itself is poor and incomplete as he is constantly second guessing his signals. I've seen him ignore a winning signal because he just had a losing signal and the resulting trend he missed would have made the day. It's a work in progress at best. The high win rate is produced by going breakeven +1 as quickly as possible which means you are always being stopped out. It is extremely hard to recover a 2-3 point hit. There are times he just stops calling the trade and tells you you need to by his software if you want to know where to trade. So don't spend $325 to evaluate the software because the means to evaluate is not there. He doesn't seem to have any interest in capturing you as a customer unless you buy his software first. I've seen guests complain of his inconsistencies and he just gives them the boot. Very irritating person.It goes on but you get the gist of it.Yeah, I'm a sucker, but I know there are others out there too and I hope this saves you some money.
  7. I agree with the previous post, it seems to be a work in progress. Yet, Gregg claims he has used the same software for over 10 years. I have been in many rooms, and I must say this guy is the most paranoid and irritating moderator on the internet. Woe be unto you if you question him or his sytem. That being said, yes I was a sucker again and fell for the line of bs he posts about his results. NO way that he gets the same results in his trading. Sure, in retrospect the recap may ( I emphasize MAY) be accurate, but if you only entered the trades he recognizes in real time, you would be a consistent loser. This is just another guy who can't trade making a living off the rest of us who are desparate to find somebody to teach them. BTW, Gregg never reveals his real name, but I was able to find out who he really is. Seems that he was fined by SEC for false statements made in the past about his system.
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    Check out Advance Trading WorkShop. Quality with minimum BS. These guys trade Live. One guy's got 30 years under his belt. Includes backtested trading systems full auto or semi. 30 day free trial. Best everything I've found to date. Lots of free stuff also. Decide for yourself, and I am not affliated in any way, just doing the trial. Good luck to you.
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    To say that he is paranoid and irritating is a huge understatement. That guy is a total douchebag. People are paying him and he acts like they are priviledged to be in his room for $300...not to mention some people paid him $5k for his software. I noted the trades when I was there for the free days and his posted results don't include all of the many losses I saw the software generate in the room.
  10. This huckster is nothing but a total farce..I sat in on his room for a day during my breaks and saw nothing but a bunch of well maybe this and that...the only trades that were mentioned and taken were losers he tried to talk his way out off.. he then sent constant spam trying to get me to sign up for his crap... I told him the only thing he proved was how to con a bunch of newbie traders which he got his panties in a bunch.... should be on the hall of shame with TradersInternational....Franz/// The trading Zone and everyones favorites PureShit...:cool:
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