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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by shrike, Feb 5, 2010.

  1. shrike


    Hi everyone

    I've noticed in multicharts ,into Quotemanager , sessions for Eminisp500 is set as : Equity index future [emini] Combined ,which has many different trading hours
    I've checked on CME site and the trading hours are different ,they seem , as sessions Equity index future [emini] Globex. this setting is after the first.

    Could someone explain me the difference , i'm a bit confused :confused:


  2. in EST the ES trades from 6pm Sunday to 5pm Friday with 45 minute breaks every evening.
  3. shrike


    thanks for reply , so the correct setting is Equity index futures[emini](globex) . :)

    i wonder again what does mean "combined" ? :confused:
    maybe is a bug
  4. by 'combined' they perhaps mean the rth - regular trading hours plus the o/n - overnight
    trading hours - ie: 08:30-15:15 + 16:00-8:30
    Globex futures trade '24 hours', stock and other 'open outcry' markets do not
  5. shrike


    Hi Wallace

    Maybe is as you write, i made some tests and i've found that setting

    emini(globex) returns more data (ticks) , i think this is the correct setting.

    thanks to all :)