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    Hey guys,

    Think I've finally found some one worth looking at.

    I've flushed money down on endless sites so don't pay too much attention to me.

    I've had a good first couple of days, so far I'm impressed. Think the site just started up.
  2. My story

    I have been a full time successful trader for 1 year now. I'm no genius but I have a great strategy that works, and I've developed the psychology to follow it.

    This site is trash. Avoid...
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    It looks like he trades with a 1 pt. stop and a 3 pt. target and either trails his stop or grabs less profit under certain circumstances.

    Also, he must live in a tropical region of the world if there are parrots flying around the park in his picture. My guess would be somewhere in Central America.
  4. why is he charging? oh.... lol... too funny...
  5. His site states :

    "Then one day it dawned me. If these so called gurus with 30 years of trading experience are truly successful, why do they have a website? Why don't they take their millions and trade it? One day I finally came to realise, yes, they're lying."

    Isn't that kind of circular since he himself is now having a website ??

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    In his pic, don't look like he made his millions yet!!:D
  7. I remember joe4422 promoted a signal room by Norrin who run a $500 room with money back guarantee.

    That Norrin $500 room was closed?

    Now this a new signal room, also $500. Looks like Norrin has hired Alex to call trades for him!

    Hi joe4422, how is norrin doing? Were you connected to him in some way?
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    I've mentioned alot of sites on this forum, I've done them all. Seriously. I'm still in Norrin's room but some months he barely trades the ES. He's been focusing more on stocks lately. I'm also a premium member at freetradingvideos.com, zacks.com, morningstar.com, motleyfool.com, schaffers.com, and the list actually goes on.

    Some would call me a shmuck. I'd probably have to agree.

    Most of it is all so so. You know how it goes.

    Three days with eminisignal so far okay.
  9. According to a friend who was with Norrin, Norrin's premium room ($500/mo) was closed for good. My friend quit because Norrin was trying to run two rooms.
  10. if he made his million, it is not from trading.

    I have seen many of these site came and gone in the past +20 years of trading.
    My advise to you all, learn some TA and stick to your discipline. There is no get rich quit scam here, but I was able to make a decent living trading the market.

    The most basic Ta's are all that you will need.

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