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  1. Operated by a HS teacher named Al Mcwhirr.

    Good, bad, neutral?
  2. they are a scam. Anyone selling a system without being audit by the SEC or any types of gov agency is a scam. Pure and Simple
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    name 1 scalp system audited by SEC?
  4. SEC or any gov't agency don't audit results. Pure and Simple.
  5. If there are any users of this method, please come forward and tell us if it is as good as it's being pitched.
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    it's not the system that makes you money it's how you use it, no matter what system it is.

    for example, lots of people make money trading off pivot points, simple (and free), others make money trading off ma lines, also simple (also free) ... you know what also worked once? throwing darts!

    whatever this site is selling, i am sure it works under certain market conditions, and i am sure the owner has a fancy video presentation showing you how it has worked in the past

    the answer to your question is that ANY "system" works sometimes, some better than others, but none are perfect, it's all about how you use it, your risk tolerance, money management and most importantly your mental prep
  7. Simply buy it and reverse trade it...you will be profitable....:D

  8. Actually, there is no video, just a website that looks like a 13 year old created it. As far as the other stuff you wrote, it's nice but a bit off topic. I really want to get feedback from users if there are any in the community.