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Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by speedy, Apr 11, 2003.

  1. speedy


    Anyone out there trading the eminis with real time news? Wanted to get feedback on the value of breaking news or economic numbers.
  2. I haven't found a news service fast enough that keeps up with spiking e-minis. I just trade the charts and stay away from trading ahead of the known news releases at 830 and 10am ET.

    By the time you get the news the candles have long since printed.

  3. That's pretty much it !!! :)
    Futures trade on news like a bed of fire ants that just got poked with a stick..:D
  4. JT47319


    The Saddam statue. It was like a 10 point rally before it was pulled down. The moment the tank gunned it, everyone sold and the spoos dropped.
  5. speedy


    Does your experience include a bloomberg terminal?
  6. There are dudes out there running billions, you want the news ahead of them? You better make the news if you want it first.
  7. Was watching CNN when I first heard of the last
    bomb attempt on saddam which may have killed him.
    Ran downstairs to see what ES was doing.
    It had started its climb 20 minutes ago!
    Sheeshhh... someone out there has some very fast news.


  8. nuton


    your saying bloomberg isnt fast enough, not even to hold off and go the opposite direction for the reversal
  9. Ebo


    well said.
    These odd lots are using Yahoo Finance!
    Ever hear of buy Rumour, sell news?
    Explain why the market sold off today?
  10. Speedy,

    For what it's worth (or not worth) I rarely try to trade news - because: I'm not smart enough to know ahead of time what the market's reaction is actually going to be to said event.

    However, it has been my observation over a period of time, trading NQ, that often, when news breaks, the market will break either up or down. Then there will often be a sharp reversal, sometimes equal to (or even greater than) the initial move.

    After the reversal, there will often be another reversal, where the NQ will head back in the original direction that it began on the intial move. (right after the news hit the wire) This 3rd move will often exceed the 1rst move either in height or depth depending on whether the first run was up or down.

    This is not always the case - but it seems to me that it plays out this way, more often than not. I've made a couple of bux, playing move 3 and sometimes move 2 (the first reversal) However, I'm not in love with excitement and usually play move 3 - if I play any of it at all.

    Good trading to ya.
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