Eminis at night, anyone ?

Discussion in 'Strategy Development' started by Neet, Mar 21, 2007.

  1. Neet


    I'm looking for a partner in crime in trading E-minis during the afterhours. In all honesty, I don't know how to trade them well outside of market hours but hey I'm willing to learn and Im bored out of my ass now that wife and kids are overseas visiting in-laws, Could use some form of IM to chat back and forth and in exchange I offer my assistance in sharing tips of regular market hours that might be of some help. At the very least I will entertain you, hah.

    Oh well, just a friendly invitation. Male, female, fag, freak it really don't matter as long as you speak e-mini trading :)

    Good trading all.
  2. Neet


    Just a little update, placed a short before closing in the YM at 12385 anticipating a conservative pullback before FOMC day. Why, I have no clue....but Im up 7-8 points on a very light position.

    Seems to be working for minor gain but it's still in a very tight range. So far, unaffected by asian markets but aside from monitoring Japan/Australia/China don't know much else.

    Doing this without market indicators feels like going to a casino and telling the tuxedo guy/girl "100 bucks on black please".

    Oh well that's where my imaginary new friend would come in :)
  3. Surdo


    Call an escort!

    Why don't you trade markets that are open?
    It's morning in Asia and Australia.

    Currency markets are open all night.
  4. Neet


    Don't tempt me "lefty" :)
  5. Neet


    12 points up baby!

    Will try to take profits at +15, move stop to entry and watch a movie or something.

    No fun at night, you old farts suck :)
  6. rcj


    you're ok so far. 374 rite now.
  7. They're mostly flat after-hours. SP moved about a point in the past 6 hours. You're much better off trading the Asian index futures or FX if you want overnight action.
  8. Neet



    Trying to cover at 370 (2/3rds) then will let the rest run with stops at entry to see if I can wake up in the morning and laugh about it.
  9. Neet


    Ya but I honestly know nothing about those markets, especially Forex so trying to stick with what I know. I've seen the e-minis do some wild things based on Japan though....
  10. Sometimes after 10pm cdt I pick up a 1/2 pt on the ES just for fun.
    Maybe even 3/4! HA!
    The REAL action is very early morning, like 6am onwards.
    I've picked up some nice moves before 8am NY time.
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