eminidaytrader.com - anyone ever use it?

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  1. Has anyone here ever used the software from eminidaytrader.com. The fellow behind this website is named David Johnston.

    It purports to utilize market profile concepts in giving trade signals. Of course I have a healthy skepticism of this website/software from past experience with far too many snake oil salesmen. This website claims their software is different in that it uses no lagging indicators. They post results on their website which are decent, if they can be believed.

    Just curious if anyone can say from experience whether this is a useful tool for the tool box, or another to add to the scrap heap.

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    Good post. I was wondering about them also.

    I would also like to know if it is legal to offer a money-back guarantee like they do. Something like if you don't make x amount of money in y amount of time, they will refund you.

    As anyone here used their services ?
  3. Except, if you read their guarantee closely, they don't guarantee that YOU will make 2X the cost of their course, just that the system will.....based on their posted results, I assume. The question is then how close you can replicate their posted results (which are based on using 4 contracts, which isn't a big deal). In all fairness, no vendor can guarantee their clients will make money because far too many aspiring traders can't follow any set of rules properly anyway.

    I heard about them from an e-mail from Ninja Trader promoting a webinar for them (which I didn't attend, but there's a recording of it on their website).
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    That's what I was thinking also. To determine if you will get your money back, they will (probably) just look at all the generated entry/exit signals for their system for the past 2 months.

    Like you, I was informed of their services by an email from NinjaTrader.

    I mean the system isn't cheap but if it does what it promises than it's worth the money. Let's hope we'll hear about someone who has tried it.
  5. Just bumping this thread up to see if there's any feedback.
  6. I began a dialog with Dave and we have been exchanging trading ideas.

    The basis of Dave's research is sound. It is too early for me to tell how discretionary one must be to work with the software.

    I will keep anyone posted if they are interested.


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  7. How did you hold up your end you clueless bastard?
  8. Well, I guess I'd be interested. However:

    a) you've never used their software

    b) you're also a vendor, who regularly trolls for new clients, so 1) why would you be interested in their product, and 2) how objective would your comments truly be????

  9. Exactly, this scumbag degenerate tries to horn his way into every thread to sell his Kool Aid
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    Yea I sat through their Ninja sponsored webinar as well...just posting to bring up this thread again..... hopefully get it noticed by someone who has tried this method...
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