Emini Volume records ?

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  2. Surely the CME Group should have this published somewhere.
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  4. ES Daily as provided through TradingView.
    NB:data and volume source(s) are unspecified

    3 million, 4 million, and even 5 million are seen in recent years.



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    It is years ago that the long term average reached 3 million, you see that clearly in your chart. Only a few spikes going over 3 million. The LT average is probably even lower then 2 million. I think over 90% of the day we never reach 3 million.
    Years ago it was higher then today. Watch the charts of the 2000-2005 period.
    We only saw a revival from september 2018 as the volatility went up strong.
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  8. Why doesn't the CME Group publish the top 10 trading days by volume for ES, NQ and a few others ?
    Surely they can hire an analyst to do this......they make so much money !!!