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Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by Predictor, May 6, 2002.

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  1. Hi All! I've been trading NYSE pretty succesfully, but have noticed on days like today, that stocks I trade do not move nearly as much as SP Futures tanked. I was wondering how difficult is it to combine equities and futures trading. Also what futures broker would you guys recommend, from what I read IB sounds good!

    Any feedback greatly appreciated!
  2. Whom ever you choose as a futures broker...get two of them because you always want a backup just in case one goes down and you still want to trade...

    the internet is not 100% reliable.

    In fact, a backup system for everything (ISP, computer, charting, etc).

    Nihaba Ashi
  3. Predictor

    Check us out at [ads] I can give you a rate of $4/side which is a little higher than IB, but the platform is much better. We offer a free level II platform with real-time streaming quotes, bid/offers and volume. We also have great customer support where you can reach a live person via our 800#, IM or email in seconds. No phone menus or voice mails.

  4. Did you guys lower your daytrading margins? I read on the RealTraders archive a broker from RCG is offering $7 round turns with $750 per contract daytrading margins on nq/es.
  5. Margins are on a firm-to-firm basis. We offer $500 margins if you are crazy enough!


  6. hehe... what's next? you guys gonna pay us to trade em?;)
  7. It feels like that already!
  8. craig -

    The Apex website still says $6.95/side and no mention of lower than normal margin. Did I look in the wrong place?
  9. archangel

    $6.95 is our normal rate and 1/3 is normal daytrade margin, if you mention you saw my posting here then you can get the lower rate and margins.

  10. def

    def Sponsor

    You infer that your platform is better than IB's -
    IB also offers free real-time quotes and free market depth.

    i'll also take IB's hot keys any day over the platform you're using. however, to each his own. In any event, since you are so adept at slagging off IB in a subtle way, I'll just add the following in IB's defense:

    1.60 per contract savings on your $4 rate vs IB:

    On 20 contracts a day = $32
    $32 * 20 per month = $640
    $640 *12 = $7,680 per year.
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