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Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by Jim bashaw, Mar 14, 2002.

  1. mbt3


    I recall something called "Snapdragon", a charting software that used the live data from Pats .

    Pats may be able to be DDE linked for Excel

    Hope this helps.
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  2. Merkur


    Thx guys,

    appreciate your answers. If there is a active-x control and/or the possibility for a DDE-Link between Excel and Pats it would be great.

    But the problem is the programming of this "connections". I have not much clue of this. I am using the sample spreadsheet of IB for this at the moment, so the most work was done.

    Is there anyone using a working solution for automated trading with j-trader (with the integration of Excel)?

    I even would pay some $ for it, if it's useful for me.

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    Has anyone try emini.com the broker ?
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    I am with a firm that can offer all of what has been mentioned. Please reply privately with specific questions and you will find that we are very reputable, cordial, to the point and here for you.


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  5. i wouldnt bother with easyscreen - they're virtually bankrupt. Refco only bought a stake so they cud inherit the software.
    As for pats well its tick tock tick tock for them....check out their financials - they're a listed company so easy to find....not to mention all the shareholder troubles and management upheavels.
    The new management also recently said that they have given their software too cheap so will be raising prices all round.
    Don't know how craigross et co will survive ...
    low commission
    - pats fee
    - exchange fees
    - clearing firm fee

    stick with the big guys....IB, Rosenthal, ABN Amro, etc.
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  6. Elocal,JPFutures/Apex are IB's for Rosenthal Collins so what's the diff?
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    the really big guys have no interest in retail traders - and PATS are a new company and are trying to get their business model right - they need the clearers more than the clearers need PATS - but the reality is that all have to work hand in hand

    better and faster trading makes traders richer and also by extension - clearers and brokers

    craig ross is a broker and fronts for big clearers and again as much as he needs a big clearer - the big clearers would rather he deals with the retail market
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  8. Sorry I should have given more details. Refco, IB, Rosenthal etc are FCMs and must be registered with the CFTC, and fulfill all necessary compliance and capital obligations.

    GIBs are Guaranteed Introducing Brokers, that is they are introducing brokers that are guaranteed by the FCM. All accounts must be held by the FCM - so in this case yes your account is guaranteed by the FCM.

    But then you have Independent Introducing brokers these are subject to minimum capital and financial reporting requirements. However, they can be bucket shops or small time ops and have no backing beyond their capitalization. I wouldn't go near one.
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  9. There is nothing wrong with an IB. They never even handle your money so it is hard for them to run bucket shops. Just check their registration on the NFA website. As for bigger firms (IB, Refco, etc) they make their living on institutional traders trading 10's of thousands of contracts a day.... What reason do they have to service retail business? That is what the IB's are for!!!
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  10. Hi voltrader, you mentioned EasyScreen and Patsystems.
    How about Trading Technolgies Inc, what do their financials look like ?
    They might offer their X_Trader to retail customers if they could make money with it.
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