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    LOL ! :D
    I appreciate your following of policy. The goal is not to censor and I do think the information provided in this thread is very interesting. It's a difficult balance but I think it's fair to everyone that way.
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    We recently read that PatSystems was restructuring. Does this have any impact on the brokers using the software (cost ? support ?).

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  2. From what I heard Pats has a 2 year burn rate right now. Most firms are grandfathered in as far as pricing is concerned. One worry was Refco (who was the biggest user) will be dropping Pats soon, since they are now part owner of EasyScreen (a competitor). But RCG just became the biggest user of Pats and RCG has a board member on Pats now.

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  3. Will you be offering the Easyscreen front end as well? Any time lines on that rollout by Refco yet?
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  4. We have no plans on offering the Easy Screen, and I do not know when Refco is rolling it out to IBs.

    Sorry, but they haven't given much info. I think they are being tight lipped because of the conflict with Pats.
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  5. Ok thanks for the info.
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  6. Woody Post#3 3/15/02

    Thanks for your comment on Index Advisor. I am sorry that I did not respond sooner, but I came down with the flu.
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    Is there any possibility to integrate Excel in trading with Pats, like the Excel integration of IB?

    I need this for automated trading.

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    You cannot integrate Pats with excel and they have no plans to initiate integration

    Some form of integration - by default may be possible with OTTO on CQG when and if it is interfaced to a PATS broker - but then it would be using CGQ data and not Globex direct
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  9. I never would use CQG for order entry.

    CQG network is used for
    a) data transmission
    b) order transmission
    c) downloading updates ( ~ 40 MB)

    Who will be responsible if your order gets stuck ?
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