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    With Stop Limit orders you will get an Exchange ID that begins with "CME G2" followed by the ID#. This lets you know Globex has the order.

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  2. Now so many introducing brokers/FCMs offer J-Trader. PATSystems offer three versions of J-Trader: Bronze, Silver, and Gold, as stated on their web site.

    What version are these brokers/FCMs generally offering, and the difference, from an industry professional's view?
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  3. SciTrader

    Most FCMs/IBs offer the Silver or Bronze. Keeping this simple: The Silver does not have a feature that automaticlly places a profit and stop order x points away from your entry, Bronze does not have that feature or DOME.

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  5. "The Silver does not have a feature that automaticlly places a profit and stop order x points away from your entry"

    automated stop orders? I haven't seen this. Is this in the gold version? Is there any documention on the web of this?

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  6. i am posting this so craig doesn't have to :D

    yes, it is called j-trader's P.I.G. price injector gun. i think it's in any j-trader manual covering the gold version, sorry no weblinks allowed :D
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  7. oops I guess I have seen that. Just didn't read far enough. Thanks.

    Better get your ads on ET craig.;)
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  8. I do not know of anyone that offers the PIG or the OCO. The PIG should be available in the Gold version, but it is an expensive upgrade so no one offers it. The OCO is not available anywhere for CME or CBOT products, as far as I know. Another little known secret about J-Trader is the stand alone software version. Only a few firms offer it, but some people who have probelms with the Java version prefer it.

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  9. Craig, the last part sounds interesting, does certain firm called A**X-futures offers it?
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  10. Buzzy

    Of course, just go to www.A*********s.com

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