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  1. Your site is out of date then. It shows $6.95/side and the margins page is as of July 24, 2001. I am also looking for the same kind of IB as Jim bashaw, and I had seen your site before and was going to conclude that you weren't competitive with the others I was considering. It would sure be nice if all futures brokers had their full commissions, fees, minimums, margins, and all other relevant info posted on their sites.

    Others I am looking at are E-Local, and Interactive Brokers. I think I have to reject Interactive Brokers, based on some of the things I've heard here. I know that any broker can experience technical problems, the difference is what is the backup plan. I.B. is the lowest I've seen in terms of commissions and fees for someone doing low volume, but the stories about the possibility of getting stuck in a position, not being able to get someone on the phone, and when you finally do get someone to have them not even be able to tell you if you have a position or not, and have any open orders or not, are pretty scary. And I can't really comply with their provision in the account agreement to have a fully funded backup broker, so that kind of decides it for me.
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  2. You might want to look at PFGBest. They are expensive ...$14.00. Their help desk is fast though. Just another suggestion.
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  3. Sicialian TM

    I had them update the margins on our site for you.

    Our regular rate is $6.95, but if you mention this post you will get $4. Our minimum is $4,000 and are margins are $1,000 per E-Mini. We offer the J-trader platform for free and excellent phone support call 800-634-9466 and see if you get a live person!

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  4. Craig, please tell management about the server issues on the demo and information link...

    "Register for unlimited FREE E-Mini S&P & E-Mini NASDAQ real-time trading & "Basic Rules for Futures Traders"

    After registering my name etc. I get server errors... Thanks
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  5. El Cazador

    Sorry for the inconvenience. Our provider dropped the Front Page extensions and they need to be enable - they told us it will be in the next 12 hours. Thanks for the heads up!

    Our trading platform is Java based.

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  6. BTW I called the phone number just to test.... it was promptly answered by someone asking how he could help! I was a little suprised. :)
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  7. good
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  8. Hello Craig I saw the demo.It's the same platform of PMB.
    Many times it's down and you are not able to verify soon that it does'nt work.
    What do you tell me about it?
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  9. Matrix1955

    I told you about J-Trader (a level II platform) which is much better than PMBe. PMBe was a good platform until Refco bought PMB out and stopped supporting it. Now our clients use J-Trader through RCG, LLC, allowing them to use the best platform through a great FCM.

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  10. Hi Craig,

    I had a look at your J-Trader Demo V2.8.2.0 D

    You once posted that you recommend to use Stop Limit Orders (instead of Stop Orders) and that they will be held at Globex (instead of J-Trader server). How can you be sure that they are really held at Globex ? Is there any written documentation or can you see a Globex Order ID (Working Orders -- Detail) if you use it ?
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