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Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by Jim bashaw, Mar 14, 2002.

  1. Craig,
    IMHO, I like everything about Apex except one, I like trading platform from Peregrine, pfgbest.com, better. I have been using it for simulated emini trading. All the info is right there on one pop up screen. Jtrader demo seems more spread out and I have to look farther to get the same info that is right there on one handy pop up screen.
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  2. lightfoot

    I agree their platform is much simpler, but it doesn't have many of the "bells and whistles" electronic day traders require. The main one is the level II feature that allows traders to see the depth of market 5 deep on Globex and 10 deep on A/C/E. If you are a frequent trader I think a level II screen is a must! Otherwise a simpler platform will do.

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  3. Craigross- I have never used a level 2 screen.I am a frequent trader.(scalper). Why is a level 2 screen necessary??
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  4. larry,
    do you mind if I ask what trading strategy you use for entry/exit points? just curious what indicators or what ever you use as I am a newbie. level II, I believe, is used to see if the buyers or sellers are presently in control and what the range of price offerings are. but others can answer more thoroughly, I am sure.

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  5. try netfutures
    i just started with them and i am very glad
    2 seconds fills flat
    david c
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  6. 2 seconds is rather slow, I´d say ... :D
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