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    Lets all help each other and trow some ideas around. I will begin: the 2b reversal i love to trade. I trade the russell 2000 emini, just because its more bang for the buck,
    I trade the 2b reversal on 5 minute chart. What you do is mark a swing high and swing low with a horizental line -
    when a price bar closes above or below that area then comes back and a price bar closes below the bar that broke the area
    go short or long
    Stop : fixed amount or prvious swing high/low
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    For a trend following system: If the 10sma is above the 20sma I will never short and visa versa
    if the 10 is above the 20 i will take a long from a swing low
    if the 10 is below the 20 i will take a short from a swing high

    Stop: if long breqak below swing low
    if short break above swing high
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    Please post chart examples of it working and not working.


  4. joe4422


    I like the simplicity of your strategies, but sounds like your risk/reward is probably around 1 to 1. So, how about it? Have you made money doing this?
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    mark, you are absolutly correct. We should post charts with all of our strategies. I will post in the morning. Thanks for the great input.
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    Joe, do you trade Emini's? Trading the russell is basically scalping. Making a few hundred a day. You know immediatly if your trade is wrong, just from much screen time. Most price patterns develope instantly so like i have stated you will know. I do not have a fixed ratio of 2/1 or 1/1 or 3/1 but if you have experience with the russell you will understand that most days are winners its just about how much you win.
    Although i must say what i do have is a disaster stop. Mine is set at $400.00 but believe me when i say that is never hit. Well if i was long right before the "flash crash" in May it would have been hit.

    I don"t know if i really explained that properly i hope you understand.
  7. Why give away strategies?
    If anyone seriously needs help, I will trade your account via POA for 50% of the profit, paid via paypal.
    I'm sure most people will agree with me, that's the best help anyone can expect. And please, save the "give me a fish, teach me to fish..." metaphors.
    I'm sure anyone who has come far enough can look back and would have been happy if someone had been willing to profitably trade their account at the beginning.
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    Wow, the only question is how much money you make? That's incredible. Disaster stop never, ever gets hit. No money management plan, no risk/ reward plan. Hmmm.....

    I think I've already figured this out = something incredibly stupid.

    Just save some time here, and post some live in advance calls today, please include your disaster stop. This could become entertaining.
  9. Kubinec


    I also trade TF along with ES.

    I don't know why anyone would try to scalp TF :confused:

    That thing goes up and down enough during the day to triple your money (assuming compounding).
  10. Why be an a-hole, and why would you want to have a laugh at someone else's expense, or spend the time doing so.
    It seems extremely incongruous behavior for someone who claims a trading account insured for $25mm.

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