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    Dear fellow traders I want to ask for your help regarding information on good e minis trading courses if any. Are they worth or they just a waiste of time and money?? :( I’m looking hard the way to improve my understanding in this business. I’ve to tell that I’ve read some books about trading and TA :confused: ( Farley, Elder, Murphy ,Print , Sarcovich, Achelis , you named …) and they all tell almost the same stuff . Let me know your suggestions. Thanks Kindly. :)
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    Well here's the way I look at it. If one can make decent money trading (say) 5 ES, then one can make good money trading 10, and obnoxious money trading 100. ES is pretty liquid and can easily absorb 100 contracts (IMnotsoHO - never traded more than 24 of these).

    So, if you knew how to make a living on 5 contracts and could be so rich as to have armed guards on your property on 100, would you teach anybody else? Maybe a couple friends, maybe some relatives, maybe some others that you have a special reason for. But you sure as hell wouldn't prostitute yourself out to the masses.

    That's not to say that nobody nowhere will teach you anything of value. For instance, Van Tharpe (I think that's his name) has some very interesting things to say about money management. What I'm trying to say is that you can get useful stuff from this source, and helpful info from that one. However, there is a disgustingly high number of immoral scoundrels that have failed at trading so they survive by fleecing the newbies. Some of them are regular posters on this very board. Pick the people you pay money with great caution. IMO, the con artists outnumber the real guys by 10 to 1. Do not expect to learn how to trade solely (or even mostly) from one source - ain't gonna happen.

    Your biggest teacher will be yourself. What you learn on your own from watching the markets will determine whether you will succeed or fail as a trader.
  3. You are absolutely right, but you can still benefit from someone else's methods if they come from the people who have made money using them. Of course, you need to master them first and adapt to your trading personality.

    I am now benefitting from the methods that a recently befriended frequent poster to this board shared with me.

    He is now taking a longer break from trading and this country, so you can guess that his methods work because he can afford such breaks while most frequent posters never seem to take breaks like that. That's why they are frequent posters, in the first place. Makes you wonder how successful they really are if they cannot afford longer vacations.

    Same with those writing books. They write them to make money. If they were any good as traders would they bother writing books? I don't think so.

    So the moral is this: it's not those who write a lot that are the best traders.
  4. Reminds me of the time I was in the Life Insurance business some years ago. The trainer was an agent who was basically a failure, so they put him in management to teach.

    TIP: Use this board as your teacher. Filter what is necessary. Do not discuount the value of the members here. Most are very helpful and if you ask a detailed question, they will help you.

    In my opinion, this place is the best value going if you know how to use it correctly.

    Just my $12.50.
  5. Hmmm...what if someone comes along and persuades your friend to write a book that reflects on his experience with helping other traders...

    or your friend decides he wants a new challenge and write a book to leave behind some sort'uv mark in this industry.

    Does that mean that someone else at EliteTrader that knows nothing about you but hears of your friend writing a book...

    that person saying the following...

    Same with those writing books. They write them to make money. If they were any good as traders would they bother writing books? I don't think so.

    What would you say to that person that has such a bias opinion about book writers?

    What about parents that write books about parenting?

    What about doctors that write books about medicine?

    What about Olympic athletes that write books about sports?

    Are you so sure their in it for the money...

    are you so sure their not good at what they do?

    Do you personally know any book writers that wrote books about a topic that deals with their career?

  6. Do you think that after reading Farley, Elder, Murphy ,Print , Sarcovich, Achelis , and others, a course will add anything new? I'm not sure...

    Experience is the best teacher, as long as you can pay the tuition :)

    TM Trader
  7. He does not have time for helping other traders. He has too many interests and very little time for them. He even asked me to write up some of his stuff and share it with this board. I might do this. I am just learning it myself. When I am ready I will try to post more about one of his methods, admittedly, not the most powerful one, but still probably better than most of the stuff you can read here by those who 'help' others. At least, it's a very complete method, not just some sketch of a method.

    I think that there is too much ego involved in what you call 'helping'. I don't want to quote any examples here as they can be found very easily. Same is with writing books. If you think that they are written by the best in their fields, than you must have been truly lucky to have been exposed only to the best books out there.
  8. After reading all of this, you should be able to develop your own method and start testing it. It will be easier then to ask specific questions. If you decide to trade stocks ask stock traders and so and so.
    Courses commercially available are not tailored specifically for you so most likely they will not fit your trading personality. Best for you would be to find someone who will teach you one on one or as a part of a small group and will answer all your questions.
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    Wise words of advice. Thanks :)
  10. Thanks Electron...

    By the way...I NEVER said books are written by the BEST in the field...

    the trading books I own...I've never saw in their books that the author refer to themselves as the BEST...

    usually that label is put on them by someone else.

    Note: Out of curiousity...if your friend doesn't have time to help others...why did he help you or find the time to do so?

    (Is this the same friend that's a frequent poster here at ET and instead now wants you to possibly write some stuff for him)

    Traders that write books are no different than doctors that write books about medicine...lawyers that write books about law...athletes that write books about athletics...

    My point is this...if you think book writers are writing books for just money...

    your mistaken.

    The following are just a few reasons why someone writes a book regardless what their career choice is which includes traders...

    fear, love, proof, challenge, proganda, evaluation of another piece of work or some deep-seated personal reason that has nothing to do with money nor ego...

    My point is this...you shouldn't single out traders that write books have some agenda called MONEY and EGO while others that write books in other careers (my analogy) are doing it for different reason.

    Traders that write books are no different than someone that wrote a book in another career...

    Simply...its not all about money...its not all about helping...its not all about one thing...

    Out of curiousity...what was the last trading book that you read?

    What was the last non-trading book that you read?

    Are you absolutely sure it was about ego and money?

    I'm curious again about something...why would you write some stuff for your trading pal and share it with the forum especially when he's a frequent poster here at ET?

    If he had the time to write it for you and become a frequent poster here at ET...

    wouldn't it be a simple process of copying and pasting it into a message post at ET and clicking the Submit Reply button?

    Also...because your friend is not named...I assume its because he wants to maintain his privacy.

    If that's the case...I truly do not understand why he doesn't post it himself (he's the author of the method) under some alias because as you said it yourself...

    your just learning it.

    I would think he can better respond to replies about his method than you can.

    Maybe I'm trying to say that there may be the same reasons for some that write methods at forums...

    as there is about someone that is the author of a book.

    Therefore...prior to writing something for your friend...remember your own statement...

    I think that there is too much ego involved in what you call 'helping'.

    TMTrader saids it nicely...

    However...the reality of trading is this...

    most traders don't have deep-enough pockets nor the patience to last long enough to obtain that experience.

    Have you notice more messages at ET by traders that say they have another job? I have.

    I think there's a growing trend (no direct proof) that traders are finding ways to last long enough to get that experience on their own to become good traders via trial-n-error.

    Just something I've notice...no proof.

    Last of all...you may want to spend some time with someone that actually wrote a book that got published.

    And ask them why they wrote the book...you may be surprised it's not some canned phrase...I want to help...

    I have...here's what the guy told me.

    He's old...afraid of dying and just wanted to make sure he wasn't forgotten.

    Sounds like FEAR to me and has nothing to do with money, ego massaging nor helping.

    I'll leave this alone now because I've taken it off topic long enough from the how this thread started.

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