Emini S&P500 Globex #ES Mirror

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by ET873, Nov 2, 2008.

  1. ET873


    I am currently pulling S&P500 Emini historical data (ticker #ES) through OpenTick. Does anyone know of a source of realtime data for this ticker symbol offered for free? I am paper trading and want to keep my costs down for now. Would this futures contract be mirrored on another exchange which offers free real-time data? I have realtime data on the following exchanges:

    Attain Book
    BRUT Book
    Bloomberg Book
    Island Book
    Attain (book 2)

    Chicago Board of Trade (Emini)
  2. Surdo


    NinjaTrader with ZenFire live data feed is free on a simulator.


    or ask Amp or Mirus for a demo!
  3. ET873


    I'll check it out...thanks!
  4. ET873


    I went to the Zen Fire website and setup my demo account. How long does the demo account last (assuming simulation mode only)?
  5. Surdo


    Forever....for the most part, I don't think the "key" expires!

    The charts are nothing special on NT, but the data feed and DOM are fast and clean with Zen-Fire.
  6. ET873


    That sounds good. I'll start playing with the simulator. Hopefully I am among the 10% that can trade for a living successfully :). I won't be placing any real trades until I can learn to paper trade successfully.