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  1. Im new to the Emini Futures Market, but have found scalping the highly liquid Emini S&P 500 very lucrative. On a day like today when there really are not large frequent swings you can be very profitable.

    Here is a summary of my trading for the day:

    I use 5 contracts for each position.
    Profit target is 2 ticks

    Here are the results:


    92 Contracts x $5 per car = $460
    -(Gross profit $2100)
    = $1640 net

    10 Contracts = $3280
    20 Contracts = $6560
    30 Contracts = $9840

    I picked this up for fun, but this is a serious business with rediculous cash flow. I feel like I'm doing something illegal haha.

    I was some what successful with position trading as well, although the stress per trade was killing me...scalping with its limited exposure is fantastic!

    These scalping results are consistant for me...am i right here...should i test this on a live account?
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    if its simulated, you usually need a 1 point gain for 2 ticks profit, not a 2 tick gain:eek:
  3. <i>"These scalping results are consistant for me...am i right here...should i test this on a live account?"</i>

    Human nature... the one constant on earth between death and taxes
  4. These ET guys won't admit it but going from super duper profitable sim trading, to trading with real money, is sooo easy.

    Probably, you will do even BETTER than 100% winning trades! You will be a billionare, just like us, very soon...
  5. Good day...... but show me a month of that and than maybe you have something.

    Lower your commish with ECM at CME and you can scalp with $2 RT.
  6. ummm...sarcasm?
  7. Oh man, you killed the thread by asking that question.

    Once upon a time......
  8. Make sure your simulated fills are natural/pessimistic (i.e. buy at ask, sell at bid), otherwise you're just deluding yourself.
  9. I see your using ninjatrader... make sure that your entries and exits are not on the same bar if your using minutely data..

    #2 you are taking out NO commission.. add that..

    #3 make sure your doing at least 1 in the slippage column for ninjatrader

    Run it agani with those changes and post results
  10. <i>"am i right here..."</i>

    In all seriousness this time, no. Not even remotely close. What you accomplished on sim in a brief period with no realism to fills, no pressure of real $$ performance and a host of other variables is not anywhere near realistic.

    If you do test it out live, please be sure to start with one (1) contract at a time. That's pretty much the only way you'll ever find the truth, because hope = greed will not let anyone believe otherwise until they learn for themselves.

    We've all been there :)
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