eMini S&P Chat or call sites?

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by PJD, Dec 3, 2001.

  1. PJD


    I am looking for some direction from some of you on where the best S&P eMini chat or call site is on the net? i am new to the emini arena and have found that given the right site...it helps break the ice and usaually quickens the learning process, using these sites.

    I really appreciate your input!

  2. If you mean non-commercial chat, that would probably be the #s&p channel on othernet. Using mirc connect to an othernet server, then /join #S&P. I think it's one of the most popular channels on othernet, do /list to see the full list of channels on that server network.

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  4. jok_


    hi,thanks for your Infos,

    but i can t find the #s&p chat bei mIRC,is this message actually ?
    thanks for your help!
    kind regards jok_
  5. Make sure you are using an othernet server.

    Click on 'options' than at the top where it says 'irc servers' choose 'othernet random server.'

  6. jok_


    thanks voodoo!!!

    it s running,

    greet jok_
  7. blueem


    Is anyone here a member of the LBT Trading Room (Linda Raschke)? If so, can you tell me whether following their S&P daytrades has proved profitable - i.e. average points per day. It's not cheap at $350/mo, but might be worth it if they have a positive expectency :p
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    Sign up at her site and get a free day on the first of the month. I learned something the other day.
  9. blueem


    I did that on the first day of this month. They had two calls in the eminis that seemed to net about 2-4 points each. I am wondering how they do on a longer term basis.
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