emini Russess 2000

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  1. Anybody is trading emini Russess 2000 here after it moved to ICE.
    How is your experience with it.
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  3. A little less liquid than when it was on globex, but quite tradable. Volume is on average just a little less than YM's, and roughly half the NQ's.
    It hasn't lost its personality at all, it's still the ES's crazy little brother. This morning for example, ES with $5600 full margin, it had a 12 point dump = $600 range per contract up for grabs. The Russell 2000, TF $5000 or $4000 full margin, had a 13 point dump = $1300 potential profit per contract - up for grabs.
    IMO this symbol should be more liquid than the YM. More bang for the buck for the small trader.
    The only problem I see it's the hours. ICE is closed two hours daily from 6 to 8pm EST. No problem right now with daylight savings, but during the winter it will open one hour after Japan. It will have some gap risk for the position trader.
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    Another thing to point out is that when ES moves 12 points - that's a 48 tick move or about a 1% move.
    And when TF moves 12 points - that's 120 point move or about a 2% move.
    More ticks movements = more opportunities to make/lose money.

    I think I'm finally gonna take ES off my screen on Monday and replace it with TF. Because when the VIX is sub 30, ES becomes very difficult to scalp because of the lack of movement.

    As far as NQ and YM, their daily ATR in terms of dollars is even less then ES and I think both instruments require higher margin on top of that. All that just makes TF a superior trading instrument compared to ES, YM, and NQ IMO. Gonna give it a try on Monday.
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    correction: a 12 point move in TF = 120 tick move.
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    Is the volume what it was before the move or has it declined?
  8. Volume seems to be close to YM's.
    Was it much more before moving to ICE.
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    Still tradable, but much shittier. Volume is anemic compared to ER2 days, and slippage is worse obviously. I find myself trading ES more these days because of that, and having less daytrades.
  10. I think ICE has done a poor job of promoting it. On the CME, the Russell was great to trade....what a mover....and tight spreads to boot.
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