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Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by riley, Oct 30, 2003.

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    any emini russell 2000 traders out there? Lately (past year) it has been trending perfectly on the daily chart. It is a bit too messy to scalp during the day, but for those looking for smooth, long rides up and down, it looks great.
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    with TradeStation, the continuous symbol is @ER2 and the actual future symbol is ER2Z03.
  4. I trade the ER2 intraday. I usually take around 8 - 10 ticks per trade. The only thing that pisses me off is that sometimes it won't move at all unless the ES makes a big move.
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    I tried to trade it intraday without much success. I felt the risk-reward just wasn't for me. At times during the day, it does appear to have a mind all its own and, like my cat at home, will just sit when all kinds of things are going on around it. When I noticed this, I realized it simply nails the direction of the daily trend. Today has been one of the few days I have seen where there has been a good trade against the daily trend, but we had a huge gap up thanks to the GDP number.
  6. this thing has a mind of its own :(

    hard to figure ... maybe I can look for when the russell buy programs hit ....
  7. 8-10 ticks per trade? ER2 moves this much in a few seconds sometimes... :eek: At least it seems like it....

  8. I agree. I think I'll try to hold on to winners for a bit longer now, though 8-10 ticks is a good target for scalping.
  9. my favorite contract. also like the emini mid cap
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    It is interesting to trade.
    One weird problem, what you see on the chart is not what you get. I always seem to be at least 3 ticks off.....It is one of those things that is better to swing trade so that the 3 ticks do not matter so much. IMHO:)
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