emini russell 2000

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by wesj, Aug 27, 2003.

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    Hi...anyone trade emini russell 2k futures, if so what are your experiences?
  2. T-REX


    Sorry I haven't traded it. didn't even know it existed?
    Are you sure its even liquid enough to trade on?
    Can you get good fills without a whole lot of slippage?

    I can't see trading anything else (Index Futures that is)
    other than the E-mini S&P 500, E-mini Nasdaq 100 and Mini Dow Futures.

    However, I must admit. When I was a Futures Broker I had a client that traded Russell Options. I have to tell ya, It didn't really move a whole lot.

  3. I have started watching it. Not trading it yet. $5 dollar ticks. Did about 9k today. spread seemed to remain fairly tight.
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  5. russell 2000 vs nasdaq100 or vs sp500 ?

    I am trying to trade er2

    finding its a less riskly for me to spread em

    with nq or es
  6. Seth,

    I would think anything that might tone the effect of this monster down is worth looking at. 5 or even 10 point moves in a day are common. Of the common mini contracts, this seems like the one that is the easiest to find yourself behind very quickly because of the 10$ tick and volatility. Would be interested to hear from others what stop they use. There's an ETF - IWN I believe which I have not looked at much.

  7. is IWM

    I do see this monster is nuts to trade alone , like fx futures

    without a strict stop loss policy or $ loss

    I think spreading is the way to go if done correctly

    anyone done a TS backtest on spreads like

    IWM vs SPY ?
  8. Insane post-Saddam. 900 to 1,100$ gains and losses per contract - 2 guys in a small dark room shooting grenade launchers at each other.

    Think I recall seeing some stuff on ER2 at woodiescciclub.com though those guys are mostly ES.

  9. My favorite contract. Also like the mid cap emimi
  10. TG


    I trade the Russell and the mini Dow. It has become a favorite at Woodies club. Love the volatility. When I trade them with CCI indicators, 200 + and 200 - produce pretty good signals for me, especially with advanced GET things on esignal.
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