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    larrybf: “NOW given my trading parameters should i stick with trading the NQ or should I switch to the ES mini. I am making money now...

    If you’re comfortable with the NQ and you're making money, I see no reason for you to rush over to the ES. You may find it worthwhile to put up a chart of the ES alongside your NQ chart and begin to observe the relationship, though. In time, you’ll develop an understanding of the similarities and differences and can then make an educated decision as to whether you wish to trade the ES.

    “...but like everyone find myself "faked out" often utilizing my present system.”

    Trading the ES as opposed to the NQ is unlikely to alter the effectiveness of your strategy, unless it is highly specific to the NQ. From what you described of your methods, I suspect that that is not the case. Unless you feel that being “faked out” of trades is inordinately cutting into your suspected profits, then I would simply accept it as part of your trading methodology and continue to generate revenue.
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    who of you trades the nq-mini outside this time-window?

    since the minis trade on globex from 03.45 pm to 03.15 pm (right?) i wonder if it'd make any sense to trade for example before 09.30 in the morning (early afternoon for me). but i guess liquidity would be too low and spreads too wide for most of the time anyway.

    any ideas?
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    outside hours, spreads is not the biggest problem. (foreign countries hedge with the futures).
    the bigger issue is volume. moves are erratic and you might have trouble getting out quickly.

    after hours are nice for gap plays or news or to take profits at an extreme price.
    however, imho the risks outweigh the benefits.

    I do not think there is enough volume throughout the regular hours at the moment. volume is intense and then dies, then there is a little burst -a fake- and dies again. and one of this burst is the real one. very annoying.
    I am convinced it is temporary and due to the current uncertainty. I don't mind, this is a great opportunity to learn instead of trying against all odds to make money.
    anyway, I usually always stop way before 4:00pm. Depending on the system I use (depending on the market) I might stop as early as 2:55pm or eventually 3:25pm..
    the closer you get to the end, the more risk you have to build in imo.

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  4. What kind of stop do you use ? How many trades per day? Do you trade more off the 30, 15 ,5 or 1 min?
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