eMini Nasdaq-100 day trading journal

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  1. Welcome to my journal.

    I've just recently starting day trading the eMini nasdaq 100 ( NQ ) for a couple of hours ( close all positions by 11.30am ET ) before my regular job. Previously i'd been trading stocks in my spare time for the last couple of years.

    My daily aim is to make 10 points. I'll try to post my trades and the thoughts behind them daily.

    I have the following NQ charts on my screen;

    30 Minute
    2 Minute

    These charts have the following indicators;

    Daily - 10 period EMA ( to show trend )
    3 period RSI ( which i find useful to highlight possible reversal days )

    30 Minute - MACD with histogram

    2 Minute - MACD with histogram
    Previous day low line
    Previous day high line

    I also have the following on my screen;

    $TICK ( 1 minute )
    $TICK ( 10 period EMA of 1 minute )
    $TRIN ( 1 minute )
    Time and sales

  2. Good luck!

  3. Ditch


    Watching a daily and a 30 min chart if you're daytrading for 2 hours a day beats me.:confused:
  4. I find the 30 minute chart showing the last 2 days useful to show S/R levels. I think it's good to keep an eye on the bigger picture with the daily also, but i don't use it for trade entries or exits.
  5. You dont miss much by quitting at 11:30. I watch the market all day but very seldom trade after 11:30. Good luck.
  6. Trades for 10/14 ( P/L = 14 )


    Time: 9.33am
    Entry: Short 1413
    Target: 1406
    Stop loss: 1415
    Exit: 1408
    P/L +5

    TRIN was looking fairly weak on the open & the TICK EMA was heading down, so i decided to short the open. Exit just before 10am reversal when TICK EMA turned up.


    Time: 9.50am
    Entry: Long 1409
    Target: 1413
    Stop loss: 1405
    Exit: 1412
    P/L +3

    This was a 10am reversal play. Target was based on days high. I exited slighty early as buyers seemed to be drying up and i wasn't sure my target would get hit.


    Time: 10am
    Entry: Long 1411
    Target: 1415
    Stop loss: 1409
    Exit: 1409
    P/L -2

    Up move looked fairly strong, so i thought that move up would continue further but it didn't. I should have stayed away from this trade as TICK was reading >1000


    Time: 10.12am
    Entry: Long 1411
    Target: 1415
    Stop loss: 1409
    Exit: 1414
    P/L +4

    Market had just made higher low, and TICK EMA turning up so i though i'd give the previous trade another try.


    Time: 10.33am
    Entry: Long 1412
    Target: 1417
    Stop loss: 1410
    Exit: 1412
    P/L 0

    Another higher low entry. Looked like market was trending up.
    The move ran out of steam pretty fast though and i got scared so i exited even.


    Time: 11.05am
    Entry: Short 1416
    Target: 1412
    Stop loss: 1417.5
    Exit: 1412
    P/L +4

    Just broken to high of day, but volume wasn't that impressive, the TICK EMA was flattening out and MACD histogram seem to be peaking, so i thought it was a false breakout and went short. Target based on previous pivot from around 10.30

  7. Good trading...you reached your goal of 10 pts and then some :)

  8. charts please. to bring a splash of reality.... do u know how many emini journals have been started? do you know how many failed and quit? yea yea u know 90%. :eek:
  9. dbphoenix


    Pretty slick surfing. But you seem to have a lot of soft rules and quite a few indicators. Perhaps you could explain how it all fits together in a way that enables you to make decisions in real time.
  10. Yeah i'll try and post some charts for some of the trades in the future.
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