emini margin -intraday

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by rsikit, Sep 2, 2008.

  1. Does anyone think that the emini margins, the 500 -1000 dollar margins -intraday- will disappear anytime soon or hear any rumblings of that?
  2. As long as brokerage firms want their customers to churn their own accounts low intraday margins are not going away.
  3. Baywolf


    I hope not. If you can't afford to play the margins @ $500, you can't afford to stomach a highly leveraged instrument on a rally or crash.

    Put another way, imagine you just made a killing on a highly leveraged rally move on 10 ER2 contracts. If the person on the other side can't afford to pay their broker the margin call, will you still be paid?

    One of the reasons why this disaster is not even a thought is because the overnight margins are high enough to keep most people from leveraging too much.
  4. It would take a huge downside meltdown to bring that about. If overnight margins are a "problem" for you, trade a different contract instead.