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    Thanks, Sabena - I think if you just click on J-Trade in red, you send me a private email.
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  2. Sorry, I didn't check the board last night.

    If you're refering to my "popular discount broker and their handling of stop orders" comment, yes. You win the prize. :)
    I opened my account with Steve Sweet @ NetFutures 888-434-8142 e-mail at ssweet@netfutures.com . For me, their all inclusive round turn rate (not per side) is $5.30/e-mini. No additional fees for J-Trader. I don't know what their account minimum is to get that rate but Steve is quite responsive so you should ask him directly.
    I don't think thats good enough with current market volatlity.
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    "Not enough" ?

    Well, by "averaging +2 day", I also mean win : loss rate 2:1, more winning days than losing days. Stop trading for day if loss reaches +4. So, if I then average +2, & eventually reach 10 ES eminis, that's an average $5000/week, which'll buy a few pizzas in Italy, where I live !

    I understand your comment was aimed at surviving drawdowns, so I both appreciate it & hope I've answered that question. My criteria to move from papertrading (via simbroker on Ensign software) to rt, was 5 consecutive winning days, & so far so good rt, although my daytrading is in its early weeks. If I'm still here in a year, and have reached 10 contracts @ +2/day, I'll be very satisfied. That said, I take nothing for granted a still consider myself a beginner (after 5 years position trading, which I still do).
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  4. I suppose my perspective is a bit skewed since I've been trading the Nasdaq100 e-mini which had a 60 point non-Fed related spike last week (on the 15th). I wasn't in a trade when that occured but it has affected my outlook and risk assesment.

    The S&P500 futures did not have the big spike so accounting for the occasional "ridiculous unforseen slippage event" may not require as much margin for error. They also didn't do much when the NQ's popped 20 pts in no time when Dell guided higher by 1 cent/share.
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