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Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by tntneo, Sep 18, 2001.

  1. tntneo

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    Does anyone know where to get emini level II ?
    IB offers this but too often it lags (just like market depth vs ECN). But unlike ECN, I dont know where to get this data elsewhere...

    Thank you
  2. It doesn't help much but I know there are many futures brokers offering "level 2" for eminis Man Financial being one of them. I wonder though how useful that could be and if they play games too. My sense is what matters is what's going on in the pit so the chart and the tape would be the best tools.
  3. vitajex


    This is a CME/Marketsound page which contains
    an applet that shows the top 5 bids/offers for ES, NQ,
    and the fortune e-50. You can also make your own
    html page that links to this applet, which might save
    some space. I'm not sure how these quotes compare
    to IB market depth.

  4. tntneo

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    many many thanks !

    This is precisely what I wanted (and free !)..
    It is not really easy to read but it is more up to date than IB market depth !
    easy to read is good. but up to date is BETTER !

    thanks again.

    PS : still interested in any vendor with this, but I can really live with the applet here...