Emini Gold or Silver

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  1. dete49


    I would like to start trading the emini gold or silver contracts there are severall different ones and my question is.Which ones have the most liquidity or a couple good ones to start watching.Thanks
  2. Unfortunately, I still find the ZI too thin to trade actively, but the ZG is doable.
  3. For emini gold (33oz) (YG) and silver (1000oz) (YI), follow the front month which right now is April gold (YGJ), and May silver (YIK).

    AS far as liquidity, YG is more liquid than YI. But plenty of liquidity in both.

    If you are interested in the full size contracts, the symbol for GOLD is ZG (100oz), ZI for silver (5000oz)
  4. alanm


    I've been watching silver and made a few trades, and found YI, and ZI to a lesser extent, to be liquid enough to get about 10-50K oz done at the inside opposite the resistance, as long as you don't mind paying a spread of about 1-2 cents. Trying to scalp/trade inside that spread is a real pain - there's nowhere near enough natural order flow - you constantly are getting pennied (actually milled - tick size is 0.001).
  5. - start small -
    ( 1-2 YG or YI should do the trick while you are learning )

    find a time zone that makes sense for you
    to trade and become profitable
    before you try any size else people like me
    or the locals on the floor
    will pick your pockets

    if you can figure out where the market is
    when trading these you will have a chance

    good luck to you
  6. KS96


    Maybe you should first ask yourself why you want to trade
    those contracts. There is plenty of liquidity elsewhere.
    It's rediculous to try to short-term trade these.
  7. thats news to me ... I am making consistant kachingo trading these products

    however my best results are when I am totally disciplined and keep my emotions in check
    and take small profits as my commissions
    are about as low as I can go for retail
  8. i picked up two zg's on tues open, hoping to hold these as long as possible and roll into a long term position with a little (lot of?) luck. made it through the first test on thurs, and expecting more

    can anyone suggest reading/information on specific inputs into a basic gold model? i think i'm going to fork over the hundred bucks for nybot's dollar index and start there. too bad we don't have an electronic copper contract