emini futures with strong network intraday low span

Discussion in 'Financial Futures' started by fluideq, Dec 11, 2008.

  1. fluideq


    what platform is the best? (tt isnt for me but need that speed)

    what fcm or firm gives low intraday margins and has a really strong network that doesnt crash? (trading from ny)

    and who has the best rates? (i currently pay very little)

    they need to be open 24/7 so i can trade asia london germany need to be able to trade any finacial product / metal / currency/oil(globex no forex bs i buy on the bid sell on offers)

    I trade and trade hard dont want some piker firm who specialize in burning their book

    rock solid execution zero crashes

    low intraday margins

    i want a platform that shows the volume and glides smooth as the mkt

    and good sheets

    i know im asking alot but if you guys could just answer peice by peice ill figure it out and if a firm suck tell me that aswell

    trade stocks and im a member of ice and the comex

    (i love the firm i have from the floor but they need to understand we arent on the floor anymore)