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  1. I'm not sure if this post is appropriate for the Futures thread or for the Hook Up thread...I'll let the moderators decide if it should be moved.

    I'm looking to keep my own personal list of successful traders (mentors) that are willing to teach other traders (students) that seek help with their trading of the Emini Futures.

    Why do I need this list of Trader Mentors?

    I frequently get private messages and emails from Emini traders seeking help via mentors...often asking if I know of any successful traders willing to mentor a new or struggling trader.

    Further, I will only share this list of Trading Mentors (those that pass my difficult reqirements) with those that ask for help.

    If your a successful trader (making a living) at trading the Eminis, wanting to be financially compensated for mentoring (in person or realtime online)...

    please contact me at my email address intradaystrategies@yahoo.com or via private message.

    The purpose of this thread is not to discuss Trader Mentors (successful traders with a verifiable trading record) versus Self-Taught.

    I'm simply providing a list to those that have gone out of their way to contact me to find out if I knew of any successful traders willing to mentor.

    Further, I would like any suggestions on what would be a good method for verifying the trading records of those Trader Mentors that wish to be considered for my list.

    I have my own method (won't discuss it here) but just wanted to see if their was other methods of verification.

    Currently, I have a list of 14 traders seeking mentors or interested in being mentored. I'll contact these traders (potential students) again to see if their still interested but only after I have a good list of Trader Mentors.

    Do you need any experience as a Trade Mentor? No.

    I've learn the following from Education and Trading:

    1) Just because you know something doesn't mean you know how to teach it.

    2) Just because you know how to teach...doesn't mean your good at applying what you want to teach.

    Simply, I'm looking for something rare. A trade mentor that's able to WALK THE TALK and TEACH it at the same time...a very difficult task for such individuals.

    M.A. Perry
    (a.k.a. NihabaAshi)
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