Emini Fading System

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  1. Attached is my daily road map I prepared each night for the next trading day. First column tell what zone prices are in. Second % S/R column tell how likely the zone hold support and resistance. So higher number of % mean better chance of price will reverse at that zone. The third column S/R Line pinpoint exactly where to enter on that zone. Confluence Line are additional calculations that give confluence to the S/R Line. So more confluence equal higher chance of trade will work. L/S mean Long or Short for the trade.

    You are welcome to use this system if you wish. I will post my roadmap each night.

    One more rule: Sometimes price come very close to the S/R Line and not touch it. To make it consistent I apply the following wiggle room rule for me to start to look for entry.

    YM is 7pts
    ES is .75pt
    NQ is 1.75pt
    ER is .5

    One more caution: This is a fading system. It work best on range day and not so good on trend day. On trend day, I wait for price to retrace back to the S/R Line and enter on retracement.
  2. Here is the road map file in pdf.
  3. Here's how the YM looks.

    If you can use a trend identifier to figure out when/if the trend is changing, this could be a pretty interesting system.

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  4. Interesting stuff.

    What is the basis of your S/R lines?
  5. Result so far

    YM Short 13529 Winner
    ER Long 763.8 Winner
    NQLong 2099.75 Winner

    YM 13415 came close of 9pts touching. Since my rule is 7pts so trade does not count.
  6. ER 776.4 short is also another winner. If ym 13416 and es 1480.5 come again I won't take that long trade since up move already occurred around those area this morning with ER 763.8 and nq long 2099.75.
  7. thanks what tiime will it be out each night?...
  8. yes, like to know on this question as well as how many days of back testing or what brought your % to light?
  9. Been trading this system several months now. S/R Lines are from market profile. I'll post the setups fro next day around 11pm pst time.
  10. Here is today summary of all setups. Result is 4winners and 1 looser.
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