emini ER2 Volume Concerns

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  1. does anyone share a emini ER2 volume concern as it moves towards being "removed" from CME in September 2008?...when do you expect the volume decline etc.???..noticed it traded almost 400,000 contracts yesterday 8/1/07...
  2. I wonder if CME will perhaps develop their own "Russell XX" index which will be traded exclusively on their exchange?

    Plenty of time to do so.............. :D
  3. why is er2 going to be removed?
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    "why is er2 going to be removed?"

    The e-mini Russell 2000 will be traded on Intercontinental Exchange (ICE) in lieu of CME.
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    answers to many questions can be found in this link:

    IMHO I think the majority will continue trade the ER2 on the CME till mid-2008 as there are many unknowns trading the ER2 on ICE (liquidity, margins, accepted order types, platform performance, etc.). Also, in the past the ER2 traded on the EUREX USA which was a flop, traders just stayed with the CME. Of course by September 2008 traders have no choice but switch to ICE for trading the ER2 but by then CME's Small Cap S&P index may have become quite popular as it is said to mirror the ER2 both in features and volatility. Already being familiar with the CME, and depending on liquidity by August 2008, I may as well switch and trade the Small Cap S&P index.
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    traders are gonna go to liquidity and cheap commisions. The new ER is suppose to be cheaper to trade.

  7. Why be "concerned?" If and/or when a commodity becomes less desirable to trade, move on to something else. Think like a cat that has diarrhea; always be on the lookout for for new ground to scratch on rather than worry what to do when the current hole fills up.

    I don't understand why there are those who are always fretting over things they have no control over. :D

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    why ?
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    i have read that they will charge lower commisisons.
  10. you mean ice will charge better fees, so lower exchange fees. commissions are determined by brokers.
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