emini (ER2) datafeed from IB to works with TS 2000i?

Discussion in 'Data Sets and Feeds' started by kwanseng, Nov 4, 2005.

  1. kwanseng


    Any datafeed configuration guru out there can give me a hand?

    1. Using IB (Interactive Brokers) for my datafeed.
    2. Running TradeStation 2000i. I'm still new at TS2Ki.
    3. Also has HyperServer installed. Still new at this too.
    4. I believe I've the datafeed setup correctly on stock datafeed from
    IB -> HyperServer -> GlobalServer -> TS2000i.
    5. Because when I create a new chart under TS2000i with a typical stock
    symbol (e.g. IBM), I see the candelstick chart being drawn with
    realtime data feeding to the TS2000i.

    Q: How do I setup e-mini (ER2) datafeed and charting from IB into TS2Ki?

    I try insert ER2 as future sumbol under Global Server with no avail. Am I missing something?

    THanks for your help...
  2. ib might be a little different but it should be something like er z5 or erz05. each data feed formats the futures symbols differently.
  3. riddle


    Use: ER2Z5 and set it up as a 'future', or
    Use: ER2Z5.3C and set it up as an 'index'.

    The latter is preferable if you are wanting to use volume charts.
  4. Dude, throw away your TS2000i, because TS.8 is going to be
    FREE with 5K fund in your account and 10 roundturn/month.

    You can use 3rd party data in SP1 version also
  5. That's new to me. Weren't the requirements for free TS8 access much higher, like 50 RTs/month?