EMini Dow 5$ : Reading the book

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  1. I'm trading the eminidow 5$,
    I' m a short therm trader, average trade lasts usually not more than few minutes.

    I trade mainly using chart patterns and levels but all chart based.

    I still didn't find any clue following the book other than the classic tip than mkt usually tends to go in the direction of volume so when sometime this happen can be a confirmation signal.

    Does anyone of you trade by the book of the eminidow?

    does it make sense looking for an edge in it?

    good trading to everyone.

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    The book I mean is the BID and the OFFER,
    eg. the first 10 levels around the actual price.

    Most of is is played by computers many time for example you may see the first bid and offer like

    BID 80

    OFFER 65

    and than you see the LAST trade just 1 ctr....

    most of it is false volume put on by computers.....

    Do anyone has any clue on the book of the eminidow?

    good trading

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  5. tks for the link.
    I was looking for something more, something from direct experience

    good trading
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  7. Anyone using Market delta to scalp the eMini Dow 5$ in conjunction with the book or T&S
    or any other BID ASK analysis?

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    Big -M-;
    Even though this also applies to ES emini ;
    you probably can figure out something for YM:cool:

    1] The sooner a trader places an order;
    more likely order will be filled when it reaches that level.True.

    1.7] Both these remarks come from LBR group/sfomag.com article;April2006.And average high time in prop trade =7 minutes for a specific 30 years experienced trader mentioned .
    [a magazine is also called a book]


    7.77]You mentioned experience;
    average time in ES profit trade is more than 7.77 minutes, overall average:cool: Some ES price stalls can trend friend;
    seems like YM traders exit faster on its smaller tick size.

    murray TT
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