emini daytrade Trendline "broke"...when enter on 5 minute chart?

Discussion in 'Technical Analysis' started by increasenow, Nov 26, 2007.

  1. NQ or ES emini daytrade Trendline "broke"...when enter on 5 minute chart?...what is the trigger?...I.e...how many times close on higher lor lower bar after trendline break?
  2. once again do the work, but as a 1st guess ill say that once a bar closed above your trendline and you have momentum confirmation by a oscillator of your choice, its a valid signal, id would do that on a 3 or 5 minute chart. you enter on the close of the bar that managed to break your trendline (and you need to have a close above it for longs or below it for shorts) for the oscillator, i would use the dinapoli stochastic (Google for the settings) or something like the cross of the 22 period MFI by the 6 period percentR, or a pair of t3 moving averages, or the direction of the 14 period hull MA, or anything like that that indicates momentum.